Treehouse_Logo1_An Diels.png

Treehouse Hotels are unassuming, fun, quirky, inventive and nestled in nature. Woody warmth everywhere! Plywood, cedar, branches and beams. Nature surrounding you in images and ideas. This is the place to be above the world – a place to dream in, a place you feel you belong.

Treehouse_Stationary_An Diels

1 + 1
“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”

Logo is playful, almost like a doodle of a tree and a house. Each location gets a specific local tree assigned, creating a collection of tree species from all over the world. But this is not just a tree and a house. Together they create something unique. The plus and equal signs are used throughout the identity illustrating nothing is solitary. In nature everything works together.

Treehouse_Amenities_An Diels.jpg

Building structure
Amenities such as shampoo and body wash build on the identity system by adding a product specific identifier to the logo elements.

Treehouse_Postcards_An Diels.jpg

The Plus Sign creates a central focal point. Almost like looking through a camera and zooming in on what is important.

Treehouse_Tote_An Diels.jpg
Treehouse_KeyCard_An Diels.jpg

You and...
We are not the only ones living in a tree(house). The key card and the tote are a gentle reminder we share this earth with many creatures.

Treehouse_Cups_An Diels.jpg
Treehouse_Bedding_An Diels.jpg

Reminders of nature are everywhere, and copy statements are combined with a variation of nature images. Bold statements are introduced in an ever changing font. Just like nature, no two letters are the same and small details create subtle differences that make each expression unique.