1 Hotels sought to create a simpler, more grounded hospitality brand that took its cues from nature for an overall evolution of the hotel concept. The brief: We have an impact on nature, and nature has an impact on us. Therefore, every element of the guest experience had to be designed mindfully, with a real reason for being and a minimal impact on the environment. As in nature, everything fulfills a specific function by design--nothing is wasted, nothing is frivolous. Materials were selected to be as natural, re-usable, and recyclable as possible in keeping with the ethos of the brand; fonts and layouts adhered to a format of simplicity and functionality; copy took a tone of friendly reverence to convey information.

Key Cards
Unlike standard plastic key cards of most hotels, these are made of renewable, compostable wood in a unique round shape calling to mind cells. Warm in the hand, they come with a gentle reminder to “Recycle Everything”.

1. Branding brochure | 2. Property brochure
Branding and property brochures reflect the clean esthetic of the brand.

1. Seed package business cards | 2. Business cards | 3. Back of business cards |
4. Pens and pencils | 5. Self sealing letter head | 6. Notecards..

All pieces of identity have more than one function. Business cards are seed packages. Standard cards have suggested uses on the back, i.e. use as table shim. Letterhead is self sealing, notecards remind you to use the other side. Pens made of wood encourage guests to “take note” of their surroundings while pencils are unexpectedly filled with seeds for guests to plant upon their return home.

Wet Floor Sign
Crafted of renewable wood in the silhouette of a tree, this sign harkens back to the earth and its water supply while cleverly alerting guests of the hazards of a wet floor.

Checked Luggage Tags
The standard checked luggage tag claim check is rethought to include suggestions of “things to do” in the area should guests have extra time to spend while they await entry to their rooms or before they depart.

1. Vanity Packs | 2. Amenities | 3. Housekeeping |
4. Snack Bag | 5. Laundry Bag | 6. Laundry Note | 7. Coffee Instructions.

Vanity Packets. Simple brown paper packaging is printed with imaginative suggestions for alternative uses for vanity items beyond their obvious ones—cotton swabs as keyboard cleaners, shower caps as bicycle seat shields, cotton rounds as shoe shiners.  A magnetic vase clings to the doorframe to greet guests with a bit of greenery while alerting them housekeeping is “freshening up” the room; in lieu of a traditional ‘do not disturb’ doorknob hanger, a reusable rock etched “not now” reduces waste and notifies housekeeping when guests prefer to be left alone.  A simple cotton drawstring bag replaces standard plastic ones for dry cleaning and laundering, and is printed with a gentle reminder to guests about the benefits of more eco-friendly detergents and solvents.....

1. Clothes Hangers | 2. Homework | 3. Wrapping Paper | 4. Maps | 5. Love Letters.
Pressed from recycled paper, each hanger is printed with a hint of what it might have been in a previous life—love letters, maps, homework—underscoring the recycling concept, adding personality, and replacing the need for the overused “recycle” symbol.

1. Giveaway Tote Detail | 2. Giveaway Tote
Concept aimed to create an urban camouflage for guests along with a reminder to “go unnoticed” and blend into their environment to “co-exist with nature”.